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Britta renders advisory and related services within several areas: Transactions,

Core Advice was established by Britta Fladeland Iversen in 2007 with the objective of rendering advisory services and assistance to large Danish and international entities. Core Advice cooperates with several of the most highly
qualified professional advisors within legal, tax, VAT, financing, constructional advisory and financial management services. At any time, Core Advice is able to compose a professional team to provide the requested services.


Work experience

2007- Director and founder of Core Advice A/S who offerings financial advice, assistance in connection with acquisition and sale of properties and companies, day-to-day management, group structure, processes, mergers and demergers, etc.

2002-2007 Equity partner at Deloitte (Andersen from 2001 to merger with Deloitte in 2002), client responsible partner for several listed companies and large national and international companies.

1996-2001 Partner at KPMG, client responsible partner for listed company and large national and international companies.

1991-1996 Equity partner at Deloitte, client responsible partner for listed company and large national and international companies.

Board positions (present and significant)

2014- Investeringsforeningen SEBinvest
Investeringsforeningen Alternativ Invest
Investeringsforeningen Wealth Invest
Professionel Forening SEBinvest II
Professionel Forening Institutionel
Professionel Forening SEB Kontoførende
Professionel Forening Wealth Invest
Specialforeningen KAB/Lejerbo Invest

2013-2022 UBS Bolig A/S

2012-2019 DISfonden, appointed by FSR, assisted with buying UBS Bolig A/S, maximum year for board membership reached in 2019

2014-2015 Bruger-Hjælper Formidlingen A/S (chairman), responsible for large turn-around, replacement of CEO, securing important contract, started development of systems for streamlining the processes for the companys 3000 employees, entered into collective agreement for the employees 

2009-2012 SEB Bank A/S, chairman of the audit committee, member of the credit committee, participated in cross-border merger with SEB AB I 2012 which resulted in a Danish Branch and participated in cross-border merger med SEB Bank AB 

Selected customers

  • Lincoln Equity Group LLC/Eurolinque – Acquisition and sale of investment property companies
  • A/S Th. Wessel & Vett Magasin Du Nord – Acquisition of flagship property companies and more
  • Nagarro Allgeier ES Denmark A/S – Acquisition of SAP company
  • CFP Group A/S – Sale of investment property
  • A-huset Invest ApS – Transformation from hotel to residential apartments, asset management
  • Kammeradvokaten and Plesner – Assisting in identifying fraud and voidable arrangements
  • Gunner Ruben – Managing a controlled divestment of assets for more than 3 billion DKK
  • Responsible for due diligences in connection with possible acquisition of Group with a turnover of more than 4 billion DKK
  • Assisting DR (Danish Broadcasting) as a specialist in financial and fraud examinations
  • Central Bank of Iceland responsible for divestment of Icelandic investments in Denmark  
  • Fonden af 1. December 1997 (Riskjær fonden, appointed as auditor by Erhvervsstyrelsen the only time the authorities have forced appointment of an auditor 

Special skills
Extensive experience in servicing large Danish and foreign investors and companies including:

  • Identifying and assisting in potential investments especially properties
  • Transaction management – efficient – no double work or questions
  • Asset management – conversion of building
  • Assisting in selling assets and companies 
  • Assisting in financing especially properties or property-related investments
  • Board work
  • Quality control of financial information, extensive overview but still with an eye for the details
  • Strategic, competent feedback
  • High morale, honest and not afraid to tell the truth
  • Available, service-minded and dedicated
  • Identifying fraud and voidable arrangements

State authorized public accountant
Several Danish and foreign courses

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